About ZY Biotech

In Zhongyuan, each of our partners know clearly:
“Every effort we make is for brain health of mankind.”

There are more than 50 million people with Alzheimer's disease(AD)worldwide, there is a "memory eraser" in their brains, which erases the memory without leaving a trace, cutting off their links to the world;

There are 350 million patients with depression in the world, they wear a smile on face but depressed inside. Maybe just around us, a smile is turning to despair.

Having a child life full of fun and friends seems normal to us, but for Autistic children, is a distant desire.

There are more than 10 million patients with Parkinson's disease worldwide. They used to have a strong body and powerful hands, because of the disease, now turn to out-of-control trembling. Parkinson's disease stays in the patient's body, bit by bit swallowing the original appearance of their lives.

They shouldn't have to suffer all these; it is the brain disease that makes them experience the "wrong" world.

ZY never stops exploring the fields of brain science and the nervous system!

ZY expects to bring early screening and prevention methods into the world such as specific drugs, medical apparatus, etc., like the flame of hope.